Sunday, May 12, 2013

Columbia & CDM Smith visits done, many coming up

Hi Everyone:

Just a brief note today. Last month I was at Columbia U for a seminar visit. It was nice to see some old friends, including my PhD advisor Manu Lall. Earlier this month a group of faculty from Northeastern went over to CDM Smith ( to learn about each others work and explore possibilities for collaborations. Its always good to get a reality check of what the “real” problems are faced by practicing engineers and scientists.

Now (Tuesday) I am off to Turkey, where I will be for a month on a mix of personal and business things. I will give a research seminar at Middle East Technical University [Orta Doğu Teknik Universitesi (ODTÜ) in Turkish], the top technical university in Turkey. After that I have quite a busy summer, including a workshop in Edinburgh, a meeting in Ann Arbor, the FEMS conference in Leipzig, and then to China for project meetings and an IWA conference. Here are some links for these:

Maybe we will meet in one of these places!

Güle Güle ("bye bye" in Turkish)