Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Applet: DiffusionBias

Hi People: Just a note on a "new arrival" under the Educational Applets section. Check out the new applet "DiffusionBias". It is designed for programmers to see and understand the bias towards areas of lower diffusion caused by the random walk model. Take care, Ferdi.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New web page up!

TADA. I have completed the revamp of my home page. You can see it here at www.systemsbioecology.org. There are two main design ideas that I used. First, there is only one menu at the front page. This is done, because multiple and sub-menus can be confusing. I want the visitor to see an outline of what’s there right away. Second, I make use of several external web sites for hosting content. For example, my videos are at YouTube; my “news” are at Blogspot (here); etc. I hope that this will help me manage the content on the page and increase visibility. The content has also changed. I removed a lot of “old” information, like access to archives of my previous web pages; details of my consulting history; etc. I hope this will help me direct people to the most current information, which is what I want them to see. Of course, I also updated a lot of the information. OK, well that’s it for now… Take care, Ferdi.