Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I am learning...

Hi Friends:

In the past couple of weeks I have found myself in an increasingly rare situation of having some time on my hands. I am using this opportunity to continue to educate myself. Specifically, I am learning about genome-scale modeling, which today is often referred to as “systems biology modeling”. Although I have not done anything at the genome scale, I do use systems biology concepts (i.e. complex systems, bottom-up simulation, emerging properties) in my research. I therefore feel I should know more about these genome scale models. Also, I may do this in future projects. So, I am going through the book “Systems Biology: Simulation of Dynamic Network States” and associated narrated slides by Bernhard Palsson. I find the narrated slides quite useful. Here is the link:

I am tempted to set up one of those models on my computer and play with it. We will see how far I get before other obligations take over...

Take care,