Saturday, September 15, 2012

ISME Report and Dimensions Grant

Hello People:

So last month I was at ISME in Copenhagen. It was nice to see some friends, and also listen to presentations from people I know from the literature. The main thing I took away from the conference is that individual-based observations (IBO) (e.g. single cell genomics, NanoSIMS, etc.) are really taking off. It seems that every session I visited had at least one presentation with some sort of IBO. To me, as an individual-based modeler (IBM), I see a lot of potential to make progress using IBMs. “IBMs for IBOs” is a main motivation for using IBM (e.g. Hellweger and Bucci, 2009),

I am glad to announce that I will be busy with a new NSF project with Hans Paerl (UNC), Steve Wilhelm (UTK), Greg Boyer (SUNY Syracuse), Wayne Gardner (UT Austin) and Mark McCarthy (U Guelph) entitled “Dimensions: Collaborative Research: Anthropogenic nutrient input drives genetic, functional and taxonomic biodiversity in hypereutrophic Lake Taihu, China”. I am very excited to work with a great team on an important problem. Here is a blurb on the CEE web site:

This semester I am teaching Hydrology and am working on my yeast bet hedging model.

Best regards,