Friday, June 15, 2012

Continuing Education

Hi Friends:

My efforts to further my skills continue. Tomorrow I am off to Iceland to take a 1-week short course on Systems Biology modeling, taught by Bernhard Pallson and co-workers. My efforts in this area motivated by trends in two areas, which I believe will soon converge. First, ecological models (Systems Ecology) are increasingly resolving intracellular workings of microbes. Second, microbe models (Systems Biology) are increasingly used to ask ecological questions, or put into ecological context. These fields are combining, in what can be called Systems BioEcology. I envision models of lakes or oceans, teeming with systems biology - enabled agents, acting, interacting, LIVING! I am very excited to learn more about Systems Biology models.

On other fronts, check out this nice article on our capstone project:

Bless bless (goodbye in Icelandic),