Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 2012 News

Hi Friends:

OK, so after an ambitious start over a year ago, I haven’t written much here. But my New Year’s resolution is to update this blog at least once a month. I even created a recurring reminder in my Google calendar...

The recent news I would like to highlight this month is the publication of the “quota paper”, which wraps up an NSF project on agent-based modeling of phytoplankton. In fact, the subject of the paper - heterogeneity in internal nutrient content of phytoplankton - is what got me started on agent-based modeling in the first place, several years ago. With the help of my collaborator - Ben Twining - we now have observations and simulations of P quota heterogeneity, and the results are quite interesting (I think).

You can access the paper from this link:

Also, there is a video that goes along with it, and you can get it here:

OK that’s it for now (until next month),