Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hi People:

I am please to announce that our “EBPR paper” is up on the ES&T website:

This paper is the “brother” of the “quota paper” I discussed in my January 2012 post. Both papers focus on heterogeneity in internal nutrients, and provide (the first ever?) comparison of individual-based observations and modeling of internal nutrients. The quota paper focuses on phytoplankton and the measurements were made using SXRF (by Ben Twining at Bigelow). The EBPR paper focuses on wastewater bacteria and the measurements were made using Raman (by April Gu here at NU).

On the personal front, I have been able to take some R&R. This winter (which looks to be pretty much over by now) I went up to Killington for skiing twice [although the weekends picked turned out to be freezers 1/14 & 2/11] and climbed up Mt Washington [luckily on a not-so-windy day].

Now my PhD student Neil and I are off to UW Milwaukee for a couple of days to talk with John Berges & Co. about death in phytoplankton...

Take care,