Monday, June 6, 2016

The journey continues: NRM paper is out

I am glad to announce that our latest review/opinion paper on agent-based modeling for microbes, written under the leadership of Jan Kreft, is now out in Nature Reviews Microbiology. This is the latest installment of “ABM for microbes” review papers, a journey that now spans almost a decade from Hellweger (2007) to Hellweger and Bucci (2009) to Kreft et al (2013) and now Hellweger et al (2016). Judging from the Impact Factor of the journals these papers were published in, the importance of this subject is increasingly being recognized (see figure below). If you are still using concepts from chemistry to model biology or ecology - STOP. Join the revolution!

Hellweger et al. (2016)

Kreft et al. (2013)

Hellweger and Bucci (2009)

Hellweger (2007)

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